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An optician showing their customer a variety of frames on a photo-realistic virtual try-on

Deliver better vision & fit

Topology accurately generates full 3D position of wear measurements in less than a minute. Once a scan is taken, an optician can deliver better vision outcomes, with fewer redos, for even the most complex dispensings.

Reduce returns and re-makes
Improve vision quality
A black man with a gray shirt had his measurements taken with a Topology scan and has an augmented reality mesh of many thousands of points overlaying his faceA chart of lens measurements. A, B, DBL, vertex distance, panascopic tilt, wrap angle, distance PD pupillary distance, near and far PD pupillary distance, OC ocular center height, effective diameter
An animated gif showing three different frames being cycled through in a virtual try on for a young white womanAn optician showing their customer a variety of frames on a photo-realistic virtual try-on

Offer customers a more personalized & efficient shopping experience

Using the scan measurements, our photo-realistic 3D virtual try-on recommends the frames that will best fit each customer, paving the way for opticians to more easily guide them to their perfect frames.

Reduce walk-outs
Enable higher optician output

Get time back with remote dispensing

Opticians spend up to 30% of their time making frame adjustments for customers. Topology gives you the tools to make final adjustments efficiently, without the customer present. Provide a perfect out-of-the-box fit for pickup or shipped to the customer’s home.

Increase optician productivity
enable direct to home shipping
A package containing glasses that have been pre-adjusted and ready to fit right out of the box for a customer
On a laptop, an optician is showing their customer frames that she picked out for him in a virtual appointment.An email sent to a white man named Cedrick, showing an image of him with frames on his face that were taken from a virtual try-on. The email is asking him to schedule a virtual appointment

Extend the customer relationship beyond the store by selling remotely

Once you have a scan, you can show frames to a customer without them coming into the store. With customized email marketing and virtual appointments, opticians can provide a 1-on-1 guided experience from anywhere.

Increase off-cycle purchases
Re-engage walkouts

The largest Canadian-based eyewear retailer with nearly 500 stores in Canada and the United States

Our partnership resulted in a more personalized in-store experience, the introduction of virtual appointments, and a proven ability to dispense accurately in digital channels.

"Topology was the first technology that I felt could deliver our brands' promise to our customers." New Look Vision Group switched all of their nearly 500 stores from Optikam and ACEP Smart mirror to Topology.

Jean-Michel, SVP of Omnichannel