How it works:

It starts with a simple selfie.

Using just your iPhone camera, the Topology app creates a millimeter-accurate virtual 3D model of your face.

Frames designed by you. Fit perfected by us.

You control the size, shape, color and material to suit your personal style. We'll make sure they optimize your vision and perfectly fit your unique facial features.

Experience the Topology difference.

Never again settle for ill-fitting glasses or sunglasses. Once you’ve felt the custom-fit difference you’ll never go back to stock eyewear.

Precision-made for any prescription

Our lenses are just as unique as the frames you design. Made-to-order based on your 3D data and frame style, all lenses come with scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coating and can support any prescription, including progressive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our lenses, guarantees, using your vision insurance or anything else?

Visit our help section to quickly find answers to common questions.

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Your signature-fit is just a selfie away

Download the Topology Eyewear app for iPhone and style your perfect eyeglasses or sunglasses today.