Sell higher-value lenses.
Deliver better vision.
Provide a modern customer experience.
Increase your capture rate.

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An optician showing their customer a variety of frames on a photo-realistic virtual try-on

Better Measurements Yield Better Vision

Most-accurate system on the market

Digital measurements are more precise and less error-prone than manual measurements. Improve the visual clarity delivered by every pair of eyewear you sell, and reduce remakes, re-refracts, and non-adapts.

A black man with a gray shirt had his measurements taken with a Topology scan and has an augmented reality mesh of many thousands of points overlaying his face
A black man with a gray shirt had his measurements taken with a Topology scan and has an augmented reality mesh of many thousands of points overlaying his face

A modern customer experience

Say goodbye to the marker, and evaluate your practice with a differentiated experience.

No Clip-ons, and No Expensive Hardware To Purchase

Don't waste your time with clips or expensive "towers," which slow down the customer experience and offer inconsistent precision. Topology's state-of-the-art software leverages the FaceID sensor on iPads to enable the fastest and most accurate centration experience on the market today.

On a laptop, an optician is showing their customer frames that she picked out for him in a virtual appointment.

Measures the Hardest-of-the-Hard

Take flawless measurements on anything you sell, from mirror-coated Rx Sunwear, to high wrap, to safety glasses. Whether you specialize in Prescription Sunglasses or Safety Eyewear, high-end progressives, or you just want to increase your multipairs, Topology can help you get there with flawless outcomes.

Unbelievably fast to learn, and fast to measure

Even your least-experienced optician will be taking the most-accurate measurements on the hardest-of-the-hard frames...within minutes of first use. The entire measurement flow tales less than 1 minute.

Interactive Sales Support

You deliver the best vision when the right patient gets the right lenses for their particular vision and lifestyle. But they need to understand the products they're buying.

What can we help you sell more of?

Did you know the average remake/redo rate for practices using manual measurements is 12%?

What if we could not only increase your basket size and dispensing quality, but your capture rate and multi-pair rate as well?

CX of the future - recapture walkouts

Zero-effort Fulfillment

When a customer places an order, the frame company will drop ship said frame to our partner labs (you never need to manage inventory)
Our Partner labs will edge and mount lenses, and adjust the frame to the specific needs of the patient for out-of-box fit.
Out partner lab will then ship said frame directly to the customers' home, achieving unheard of outcomes (2.5% return rate for SV, 5% return rate for progressives)

Why is this different than
other "e-comm for ODs"

Better Vision Outcomes

Connected Experience

Fast & Precise Optical Measurements
Brick-to-Click & Click-to-Brick customer journeys
Frame Adjustments
Timely VTO-enabled re-engagement emails
Improved in-store Experience
No additional effort to support online sales