About Us

Topology is a leading optical industry SaaS company, located in San Francisco. We have worked with some of the largest companies in the industry, delivered innovation after innovation, and deployed category-defining technologies for every channel of optical commerce.

Custom made glasses floating in place, showing measurements for a specific customer

Our Mission

We believe the standard of care in optical retail should be every bit as exacting as that in the eye doctor's exam room, and the shopping experience should be at least as enjoyable as that for handbags and shoes.

That's a far cry from where the industry is today. Too many measurements are taken by hand, if they're taken at all, and manual measurements are known to create some error--the average remake rate in optical retail is 12%! And, customers tend to feel like going to the eye doctor to get glasses is more like going to the dentist than going to the mall.

By combining cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of the opticians' workflows and customers' pain points, we know we can make the experience and outcomes of buying and selling eyewear so much better. And, if you can take care of the customer's experience and their outcomes, you'll sell more and better glasses.