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Someone is holding their phone up to see a photo-realistic virtual tryo-on embedded onto an e-commerce website

Deliver store quality vision

Get precise lens measurements remotely with our 3D face scan that customers can take from their phones. A single scan, combined with digitized inventory generates everything from monocular PD measurements to seg height to wrap angle more precisely than most opticians.

Improve vision quality
Reduce returns due to lenses
A chart of lens measurements. A, B, DBL, vertex distance, panascopic tilt, wrap angle, distance PD pupillary distance, near and far PD pupillary distance, OC ocular center height, effective diameter
Someone is holding their phone up to see a photo-realistic virtual tryo-on embedded onto an e-commerce website

Add the industry’s most realistic virtual try-on to your website

In order for a virtual try-on to work, it has to give a customer confidence that the frames they buy will look good on them. We make that happen with a photo-like virtual try-on. We further instill confidence by recommending the frames that best fit each customer.

Improve customer experience
Drive more conversion

Provide a perfect fit, right out of the box

With a customer’s scan, 3D frame modeling is used to automatically generate personalized adjustment guides for each order. This allows adjustments to be made before you ship the glasses. Customers receive an out-of-the-box fit, with no additional adjustments needed.

Reduce returns due to frame fit
Improve customer satisfaction
An asian woman had her measurements taken with a Topology scan and has an augmented reality mesh of many thousands of points overlaying her face
Pre-measured progressive lenses getting cut and dispensedCrosshairs over an eye, indicating a scan that is taking pupillary distance measurements

Unlock the progressive market

If you can’t offer progressive lenses to your customers online, you’re ceding the most profitable market segment, and guaranteeing that loyal customers will age out of your service. Our dispensing features allow you to serve the progressive market with store quality outcomes.

Expand your market
Increase lifetime value
Increase average order value