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Do you offer an Android App?


Topology Eyewear is currently available for iPhone only

As a small but fast-growing startup, we are currently focused on support for iPhone only.  

When will you offer an Android app?

We hope to start supporting selected Android devices in the next year or so.

To be notified when Topology is available for Android, please join our mailing list.

How else can I get Topology Eyewear if I do not have an iPhone?

Here are three great ways that Android users can access Topology without an iPhone:

  1. Ask a friend or family member
    Simply install the free Topology Eyewear app from the App Store, complete your selfie and submit your order. No payment information will be stored on the device, and you can easily delete your selfie or the whole app after completion if you prefer.
  2. Visit a participating Topology retailer
    Topology is now available at a select number of professional eyewear stores in the USA and Canada. Visit our locations page to find your nearest store and signup to be notified when Topology is available near you.

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