Tips for better scans

Find the right spot

Topology for iOS works anywhere, but there are a few things to look out for when you choose where to do your image capture that will help ensure a better result.
Seek bright, natural light

Indoor captures are fine, but for the best results, stand outside on a nice sunny day. (Even better; stand in the shade, so you don't need to squint.)
Know where the wifi is
The digital file we create during capture is quite large, and you'll want to upload it via wifi rather than your cell network. So plan to do your capture somewhere that you can quickly walk back to a wifi hotspot, if you are not already connected.

Get ready to strike a pose

Please tie-back long hair. 
We need to be able to see and measure the location of your ears, so please use hair ties or pins to ensure no hair is covering them.

Remove glasses. 
Please remove your current glasses for the capture. You can put them right back on straight afterwards.

Hold it high and level. 

Hold your phone with both hands for stability, arms straight out in front of you, with your elbows locked. Ensure the phone is held high enough for the top of your screen to be at eye-level, and straight upright. (It will not be possible to capture if your phone is too tilted).

Keep your head straight. 
Almost every person has a natural inclination to tilt their head back and "look down their nose" at a phone. As this can create an un-flattering view up your nostrils(!), be sure to avoid this by holding your head straight upright, parallel to your phone.

Smile! (But not too much!).
Unfortunately your biggest ear-to-ear smile can confuse our measurements a little, but we don't wan't you to look like your passport photo either. We suggest a closed-mouth smile, (as if you know a funny secret!)