I love my glasses

"I was an early customer and have been wearing my glasses for almost a year. They fit great, I've had a lot of compliments,  and the quality is excellent. It feels awesome to be wearing glasses that were made just for me and my unique face. Highly recommended!"

Apr 5, 2018

Control freak!!

"If you're a control freak like me, you'll love Topology Eyewear. I had a fun time designing my own glasses. I had over $500 left in my flex health spending account so I wanted a high quality pair of frames.

Topology fell in to my lap as a Instagram ad and their platform caught my eye. I downloaded the app and designed my frames. It was super fun and coming from San Francisco, I knew the glasses were going to be high quality.

The whole process was fun and not a headache like going to a store and trying on a plethora of germy frames only to choose something that's sorta okay. You design the frames to a 3-D model of your own face, I'd wish I had more on my flex health card, I'd love to design 5 more pairs. The best part is how light weight the frames are. I now don't get pressure headaches anymore, like I did with my $99 frames because they are so heavy.

You get what you pay for and my Topology glasses are high quality.

Dec 28, 2017

I was skeptical; now very impressed

"I am an ophthalmologist and have never thought much of online eyeglasses until Topology came along. My wife ordered a pair of progressive glasses from Topology and I was blown away!  The glasses were made exactly to proper specifications, as well done as any optician can do in a brick and mortar store. The lens quality is superb. She has since ordered another pair and I have gotten a couple of pairs for myself."

Jul 5, 2017

Perfect fit glasses

"Amazingly easy to use app. Amazing fit for the glasses. Lots of selections and beautiful materials. You can see exactly how you look wearing them. You can adjust many aspects of the design. Highly recommended."

Jul 5, 2017

Nice glasses

"You never know how technology can change your life!  

My day has been transformed with Topology eyewear glasses on me. It fits me perfectly, and I can see how others look at me with a nice smile (seriously, it looks great!)

Also, initially I was hesitating on how much money is spent on this, but honestly, it’s totally worthy it!!  I actually got reimbursed from FSA / insurance, so it’s absolutely a nice way to use your benefits (especially for many of us having no idea how to spend that...)

Lastly, someone might think about this is sort of fancy glasses for some artists people. Absolutely untrue. I see this is nicely customized glasses for working professionals who want to gain confidence in their career :-)"

Mar 6, 2018

I'm ruined for all other glasses

"From the moment I put on my topology glasses knew they were something special. The fit and feel are incredibly comfortable and premium. And the optics are way better than I've ever known. They didn't talk much about that but the lenses are somehow clearer and clean easier than any I've owned. I'm never going back to 'stock glasses' again."

Jul 13, 2017

Awesome fit, style, quality, and service

"My glasses fit perfectly right out of the package. They look and feel fantastic. Topology worked closely with me to make sure we were on the same page at all times. Their service is great."

Chesapeake Boats
Nov 1, 2017

Great app - great glasses

"I couldn't be happier with my metal frames with progressive & transition lenses. So light, and great optics! I get compliments all the time. The app speaks for itself, and it was easy to ask my family for feedback before I took the plunge. And the best part - they were made only a mile away in SF!  Highly recommended!"

Jul 13, 2017

Great glasses!

"Best pair of glasses I’ve ever owned. Better fit than my Oakley Asian-fit sunglasses. Lightweight, with very thin lenses for my heavy prescription, it stays on my face perfectly. Better than the many pairs I have owned in the past (and I’m 64).

The app was pretty easy to use. The wait to finally receive the glasses was pretty long but totally worth it. Expensive?  Maybe but I’ve spent more in the past with less satisfaction.

Asians should give this a try!  IMHO."

May 14, 2018

I love my Topology glasses!

"Ever since getting contact lenses as a teenager, I have avoided wearing glasses on a regular basis. I've always been bothered by having them slip down my face and get in my way.

Since buying my first pair of Topology glasses, I have been wearing them multiple times per week and often every day. I love them. They look very stylish, they are comfortable, and most importantly they fit perfectly and never slip or slide down my face!

The process of using the app to create my personalized glasses and order was incredibly easy, and the glasses were ready earlier than I expected. I've actually now ordered my second pair - prescription sunglasses - and I can't wait to wear them! I highly recommend this app and the glasses."

Jul 10, 2017


"This app was really something else. It's fun to play with and preview designs simply for inspiration; the combinations of colors, shapes, and sizes allow for so many options, and I love that my name can be engraved on the inside.

When the glasses arrived, they fit my petite head right out of the box."

Jul 8, 2017

Fine glasses

"These glasses have worked out very well for me. The best thing is that they stay in place - I don't have to keep pushing them up my nose to keep my progressive lenses centered.

The purchase experience was fun and the glasses came well packaged and on time. In all, it was a satisfying experience."

Jul 8, 2017