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Pinching: Topology frames are built to fit the exact size and shape of your head, eliminating any uncomfortable pinching or pressure.
Headaches: Topology frames are custom-fit to your face ensuring the lens angle, lens placement, and temple pressure is ideal for you and your prescription.
Nose bridge: We build the nose bridge to fit the exact size and shape of your nose which means no more ugly bridge attachments or extra nose padding.
Slipping: Topology eliminates slipping by individually sculpting lightweight materials to the contours of the your nose and the precise location of each ear for a comfortable fit that stays put all day.
Touching cheeks: Our in-app fitting captures thousands of 3D measurements used to sculpt your frame so it sits comfortably on your face without touching your cheeks.
Stretching out: Topology frames will never lose their original fit because we never use heat to bend or shape them during the making process. Instead, we sculpt the material to your precise measurements.
Touching eyelashes: Our in-app facial scan is able to place lenses at your ideal vertex distance so you see clearly and never have to worry about your eyelashes brushing against your lenses.
Red marks: Topology eliminates red marks by building the bridge area around the exact size and shape of your nose to evenly distribute the frame’s weight across your face.
Crooked: Our intelligent in-app face scan captures even the slightest asymmetry, and our AR technology auto-balances your fit to insure frames sit perfectly straight.
Too small: Topology frames are made to order, so every style is sized to the precise width and shape of your face.
Too big: Topology frames are made to order, so every style is sized to the precise width and shape of your face.
Lens thickness: Strong prescription? No problem. We ensure your lenses are in the highest index (up to 1.74) required to achieve the lightest, clearest, and most attractive outcome.
Too heavy: Topology eyewear feels weightless because we individually sculpt frames to distribute their weight evenly across your face. We also make sure to use the highest index lens required for your prescription.
Distorted vision: We create lenses that are individually surfaced with freeform optics, meaning they’re adapted to provide the clearest possible vision no matter where your focus is. The result is a larger rage of view and sharper eyesight with less distortion.
Have issues not listed here? Custom-made glasses sculpted to your measurements may solve these as well. Chat with our style & optics experts via the website or in the app to find out more.
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