How does the "Try Before You Buy" program work?

How It Works
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We're making it easier than ever to experience the feeling of Topology in real life, with no risk. With our "Try Before You Buy" program, you can try out fully finished, custom-tailored, prescription glasses for just a $10 refundable deposit!

What does "try before you buy" / "in-home fitting" mean?

When you place a try before you buy order, we'll make your custom-tailored glasses from scratch using your exact measurements, the style, color and adjustments you've chosen, including your prescription lenses.

  • When placing your try before you buy order, you'll pay a $10 refundable deposit
  • After you've placed your order, we'll get to work making your new glasses. You'll receive them in about 2 weeks
  • Once you've received your glasses, you'll have 30 days to try them out
  • 30 days after delivery, we will charge your card for the remaining balance
  • If you'd like to return your glasses, let our team know so that we don't process the final payment

What's the difference between a "complete order" and a "in-home fitting" order?

There are two main differences:

  • With a complete order, you make the full payment for your glasses upfront. With a try before you buy order, you pay $10 upfront, and pay the remaining balance after you receive your finished glasses.

With either payment option, the following is included:

  • Finished, custom-tailored glasses with prescription lenses
  • Free returns if you're not 100% satisfied
  • Insurance and FSA/HSA accepted on final payment

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