How do I know I'm getting the design right?

Fit & Comfort
— by
Rob Varady

After looking at a lot of styles, and colors, and adjusting the custom height up and down about ten times, you think you're there. Picking lens types was easy, and now that big black checkout button is staring back at you, but you just can't press it. Doubt creeps in. Are you about to mess this up?

Relax - We've got your back.

First of all, you can't pick the wrong style. No matter what style you pick, that style is automatically re-sized and re-shaped to fit your head and your proportions. For example, the first design that appears when you enter the try-on is the Union, and that actually has already baked in your measurements--on some people's heads, the design is by default more squarish, while on others it comes out more rectangular.

You also can't mess up the sizing. As you change the width, height, and drop of the frames on the "fit" tab, it's purely an aesthetic choice. In the background, we're doing the hard work to make sure that no matter what you pick, the shape of your nose, the sides of your head, and the heights of your ears are all taken into account to give you the most comfortable glasses you'll ever own.

Finally, we're obsessively checking every order that comes in before we do the hard work of producing it. If you've designed something that could be a problem, we'll reach out and ask you about it.

Get Feedback!

If you're still unsure, one thing we've made really easy is getting feedback because, let's be honest, one of the annoying things about shopping for glasses is having to drag a friend along with you to the store. From the try-on screen, tap the share icon in the top center to create a nice image, which you can text to your girlfriend or post to instagram to find out the opinions of those who'll be looking at you in your new glasses.

Of course, if the last thing on earth you want is to get style advice from your husband, you can always turn to our on-staff style consultants. Tap the chat icon in the top right of the screen and ask our advice or share the design you're considering. If you don't have a design to check yet, you can take a look at our blog for helpful tips on how to pick styles and colors for your face shape.

So, happy shopping, and rest assured that if you like what you see on the screen, you're going to love your glasses.

Perfect Fit Promise

Even if you're not sure you'll love the look when you get them despite the virtual preview and the feedback of your friends, fear not! We'll send you a rapid prototype of the frames before we make your final pair, and you can continue to adjust. Even if you say yes then and decide you don't like the final pair, our Perfect Fit Promise states that if you're not completely satisfied, for any reason, we'll remake your glasses until you're happy or we'll refund your money. So give it a shot--what do you have to lose?

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