Don't you need my prescription to complete my order?

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Ready to get your own custom-tailored glasses but don't have your prescription on hand? Not to worry!

Go ahead and place your order so we can get a jump start on making your frames from scratch, and you'll be free to upload your prescription in the app when you're ready.

Not only can we start on your order before you get your prescription, but it's probably better if we do! Since we're building your frames from scratch, there's still quite a bit of work to be done before we need the information from your prescription.

Even more importantly, placing your order now will hold your place in the queue. As a business without inventory, we take orders as they come and make orders as we take them. It is very much first come, first served. At times, the lines are longer, at times they're shorter. Once you place an order and submit your scale video, you start moving up the line, and once you're at the front, we'll hold your place at the front of the line until we have your Rx.

So once you've found the look you love, go ahead and place your order today. Then find that prescription, or go make an appointment to get one, and submit it in the app (or email once you do. We'll be here, holding your spot in line.

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