Does Topology offer frames only, without lenses?

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"Trish" from Facebook asks: 

"What's the average price for a frame only?"

We answer:

Hi Trish.  We are often asked this, and it is typically because customers wonder if they can find a better, or lower-priced lens to fit their custom Topology frame.  

However we only offer frame and lenses together as a single package, and do not sell the frame separately.  

This is for two important reasons:

1. Custom Lenses + Custom Frames = Better Vision

It's all about physics

Lenses can’t focus unless they are correctly positioned.  Just like focussing a camera or microscope, the slightest adjustment to the placement of a lens makes the difference between blurry or clear vision.

So the job of your eyewear frame is to hold your lens in exactly the correct position for your face.  And from there the job of your lens is to refract light onto exactly the correct spot on your retina. 

If your lenses are made without detailed knowledge of precisely where your frame will  place them in relation to your eyes, the focus of your lenses will likely miss the target, and you will not get the vision that your prescription intended.

The most advanced measurement available anywhere

At Topology, we take thousands of mili-meter accurate measurements from your face scan to calculate the exact position of your lenses in six-dimensions.  No human using traditional measurement tools could ever be as accurate. 

Lenses custom-made perfectly for you, and only you.

We then actually customize your lens, adjusting the focal point and refraction, before making them individually to order to provide more precise vision correction, based on your prescription.

2. We offer exceptional value in lenses

We don't want you to worry about lens quality when you are choosing your Topology eyeglasses, so we only offer the absolute best lenses that money can buy.*

All our lenses are:

  • Made from only the highest quality materials
  • Supplied in the highest index appropriate to your prescription. (Giving you the thinnest possible lens for the same prescription)
  • Customized for you based on precise knowledge of your face and frame

We also include for free*, many of the optional extras that many optical stores typically charges extra for, including:

  • Anti-reflective coating*
  • Hydro-phobic coating (helps water/moisture run off the lens)*
  • Anti-scratch resistance*

When comparing the price of Topology lenses to any other supplier, be sure to consider all of these factors, and let us know if you have any more questions.

* Applies to glasses purchased through Topology app only. In-store offerings may vary.

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