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Upcoming Opportunities

The following positions are not open job vacancies just yet, but we do plan to hire for them in the future.  So if these jobs sound perfect for you, please get in touch early and let's start chatting!

Senior iOS Engineer

A dedicated, expert iOS developer. You will reach out because you want to work on something that is not just another table view!

Here you'll join a picked team of other experts building an unusual app -- an app that pushes the limits of the iPhone's capabilities, that enjoys a true business imperative to be beautifully designed, and that will be one of the coolest apps on your phone.

You have previously been a leading team contributor, or built apps solo. You know Swift (or are eager to learn it after a decade of Objective-C). Maybe you have lectured or written books on iOS. You can get the job done in bash, Python, JS, or whatever comes up. You've probably also experimented with Haskell, Clojure, F#, or Ocaml. But you dream in CocoaTouch. You know your autolayout from your springs and struts, your MVC from your MVVM, but most of all you also know the basis for your own judgments.

You are excited about new tech and about old tech, about tech that works, and about finding the intersections.

If this is you, we want to meet you! Reach out to Alexis on Twitter or a Slack team.

P.S. Extra nice if you also have special expertise in computer graphics, SpriteKit, AVFoundation, CoreAnimation, or ecommerce.


Mechanical Engineer

Topology Eyewear is looking to add an engineering hire to help design, run, and oversee our entire production line, as well as work on new manufacturing processes for future, unannounced products. We are at the forefront of the mass-customization movement, so if you want a hand in creating the benchmark and case study for all mass-customization, this is the job for you.

The role is equal-parts getting your hands dirty on the production line (albeit, with really cool toys like 5-axis CNC machines, laser cutters, laser markers, automated finishing machines, and custom-designed fixtures and processes), AND stepping back to think about how we can reduce cycle-time AND improve tolerances, quality, and yields. One-off manufacturing requires the tightest of tolerances and extremely high yields, so a part can start at the beginning of the line and get to the end with extremely high confidence. The job requires both being an individual contributor and a manager who can measure, track, and improve efficiencies, with an eye towards the company’s long-term goals. The role is absolutely critical to our success.

It’s hard to believe, but the world’s experts in mass-customization AND state-of-the-art eyewear manufacturing are in-house, and within a few short months you be up-to-speed and can count yourself as one of the top 10 experts in the field, worldwide. Strap in, because it’s going to be fun, but also like drinking from a firehose. And that’s before we even launch…

This job is for you if: 

  • You're an efficiency nut: you dream about tools you could build (or code) to simplify every day tasks.
  • You're a scientist: See something that could be better about the product or your process? Form a hypothesis about how to make it better and design an experiment to quantify the improvement.
  • You don't believe in "good enough": every unique unit that goes out the door should be one that you'd hold up as a prime example of your craftsmanship.
  • You’ve always dreamed of MechE’s being at the top of the totem pole of a world-class organization.
  • You’ll be pushed to step out of your comfort zone and absorb new skills and knowledge like a sponge.

Candidates must have: 

  • 3-5 years' experience in manufacturing or Design Engineering
  • Extensive proficiency with CAD software
  • Good GD&T skills
  • Experience with CNC machines and CAM software
  • Initiative to "own" certain company goals
  • Familiarity with Enterprise Resource Management
  • Demonstrated ability to learn on the fly and come up to speed quickly
  • Some experience programming (in any language)

Bonus points for: 

  • Management experience
  • Experience designing inventory-tracking and/or traceability systems ]
  • Experience measuring and managing QA teams
  • Experience with laser cutters and/or laser markers
  • Experience with Six-Sigma methodologies.
  • Experience with Design of Experiments methodologies.
  • Solid programming skills in any of: C, C++, Objective-C, Swift, Python, visual basic

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Creative Marketer

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Growth Marketer

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To start chatting, please contact Chris Guest on LinkedIn.
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