How it Works - Original

Three steps to a perfect fit.

Your video selfie provides us with everything we need to generate a millimeter-accurate 3D model of your face.
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Step 1: Smile

Take a selfie from your iPhone using the Topology Eyewear appSimply line up your iPhone camera, then take a quick video of yourself looking front, then left to right. We’ll use your selfie to ensure any frame you choose will automatically fit perfectly.

Our scanning process is powered by “Computer Vision,” the technology behind self-driving cars that allows them “see” shapes the road by mapping them in 3D.



Step 2: Select

Choose any frame to have it auto-sized to your face and featuresSelect frames in Italian acetate or stainless steel and choose from a range of colors. Your glasses are built on your 3D model, so every style will conform to your face perfectly.



Step 3: Style

Fine-tune your fit with optional tweaks for width, height and vertical positioning on your faceLike a wider look or want your glasses to sit a little higher on your nose? Fine-tune the width, height, and alignment of your frames for a perfect, signature look.

Quality you can see.

Did you know that how your glasses fit can affect your eyesight as much a prescription? That’s because, for lenses to perform their best, they need to be perfectly aligned with your unique line of sight.

Because we build our frames from a 3D model of your face, we can position your lenses exactly where they need to be, something that would be impossible with stock frames.

We fine tune every prescription lens specifically for your frames, based on your true optical center, pupillary distance and 3 dimensional position of wear. This combination means that you won’t just look great. You’ll actually see more clearly than you have before.

Choosing your optics

Our lenses are sourced from one of the world’s finest producers of optics for eyewear and individually made to match your 3D data and frame style. We can fill any prescription in clear, tinted, mirrored, or transition finishes and support single vision, regular or invisible bifocals, and progressive.

Typically, fitting for multifocal lenses like progressive and invisible bifocals is done by an optician, due to the extra measurements that need to be taken. By working off your 3D model, we already have the four key points of data needed to create lenses—position of wear, pupillary distance, wrap angle, and pantoscopic tilt.

In fact, we are the only eyewear brand that can deliver optics of this quality and accuracy without an in-store visit.

Each set of lenses comes standard with scratch-resistant, anti-reflective, and hydrophobic coatings. If needed, high-index material can also included at no extra cost. Blue light filtering and polarization are available on request.

From San Francisco to your home

Once your order is placed, we get to work. Your glasses are made from scratch in our San Francisco facility, one at a time from your measurements and design specifications.

From start to finish, your order will arrive in 3 weeks and can be delivered to your home or office. Shipping is included free within the continental United States.

Our Perfect-Fit Guarantee

Your Topology glasses will fit perfectly. And look exactly the way you designed them.

If in the first 30 days you are dissatisfied for any reason, let us know.

Our Perfect-Fit Guarantee gives you free shipping both ways, free remakes until you are satisfied, or a full refund if you prefer.

Made for real people

Every pair of glasses tells the story of its wearer. And no two are the same.


Meet Anissa

Like many people , Anissa has a hard time finding eyeglasses from stock eyewear brands that don't slide down her face or press on her cheeks and eyelashes.

Her Topology frames have been distinctly sculpted to her nose bridge and elevate her glasses away from her cheeks, positioning them comfortably on her face and perfectly in front of her eyes.


Meet Alexis

Alexis’s nose was on the losing side of a Rugby match. It was broken along his nasal bridge and healed with a slightly crooked shape. Every stock frame he’s worn since has always sat off-center on his face and pinched or dug into his nose causing pain.

His Topology frames have been sculpted asymmetrically, so they perfectly conform to his face for perfect alignment and comfort.


Meet Ritika

Ritika wanted eyeglasses that stay perfectly in place, no matter what the activity.

Her Topology frames have been precision-fit to perfectly align her lenses to her field of vision and comfortably sized to never shift or slide down, even when she’s out exercising with her dogs.


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