Getting Started with Topology Eyewear

Now that you have Topology installed on your own iPhone, here are some tips and resources to help you quickly style your ideal glasses.


How to do your first capture

To Enter Capture Mode

  1. Open Topology for iOS
  2. Tap "New Face Scan" from the bottom of the screen

    Tap "New Face Scan" to start your own selfie

  3. Tap the large black button from the top of the next screen, and then "Start"

    Tap to scan

  4. Hold the phone upright with both hands, ensuring your arms are straight with elbows locked and the camera is at eye-level

  5. Then follow the audio prompts to complete your scan.

To save your fitting to the cloud

  1. Follow the audio prompts until you hear "OK, you're done!"
  2. Review the video to check you are happy with it before you submit it.  A couple of things to look out for:
    1. Do you look nice and clear?  If you look blurry, you may have gone too fast
    2. Is your head straight? Be careful not to tilt your head back and give us a view up your nose!
    3. Do you look happy? Happier users make for a better styling experience.  So ensure you are smiling a little bit.
  3. If you are not happy with your scan, press "reshoot" and try again
  4. When you are happy, tap "Use this" to proceed.
  5. Give this selfie a name.  For example a place or time when you did your own selfie, or the name of whoever else you are styling.
  6. Tap "done" then double tap anywhere on the next screen

The app will now start uploading your selfie to the cloud for processing, and you will see a thin blue progress bar moving to the right, and a message will read "Uploading Video".  

Once the upload has completed, you will see a message reading "Job Assigned," "Job Waiting" or "Job in Progress".

At this time, you may switch to a different app, or let your phone sleep and come back to it.  But please do not close your app or let your phone sleep until the upload has completed.

After 3 - 5 minutes, the app will download your completed file and install it.  You will see a message reading "Installed face model at..."


Your virtual try on is now ready.

To view your virtual try-on, simply tap "TRY-ON" from the bottom left of your screen.

And there you are!

Further resources: