Better Than "Low Nose Bridge" Eyewear

Don't settle for average or "Low Nose Bridge" Fit. Get YOUR actual perfect fit now.

No pair of glasses pulled off a shelf will ever fit anyone perfectly.

The idea of so-called Low Nose Bridge Eyewear might sound interesting, but it is just another false generalization. They are still made thousands at a time, sized for a mythical average face, not your actual face. So they’ll still pinch your nose, squeeze your head, touch your eyelashes or slide down your nose.

Introducing Custom-Fit Eyewear

The truth is, everyone is different.  
Thats why we only make glasses one-at-a-time, perfectly custom-fit to one person at a time.

A perfect fit for any face

Like many people, Anissa had a hard time finding stock eyewear that fits. Her Topology frames have been sculpted to her low nose bridge and elevate her glasses away from her cheeks and eyelashes, positioning them perfectly in place.

Sculpted to fit your unique features

Every Topology frame is intricately sculpted to the contours of your unique nose, ensuring all day comfort and never leaving marks. We’ve served many Asian American customers and never made the same pair twice.

Never slides down your nose

Ritika wanted eyeglasses that stay perfectly in place, no matter what the activity. Her Topology frames have been precision-fit to perfectly align her lenses to her field of vision and comfortably sized to never shift or slide down.
How it works

It all starts with a selfie

We use your iPhone’s camera to create a millimeter-accurate 3D model of your face. This lets us build any frame you choose to your exact details and preferences for a perfect fit, guaranteed.

Every frame is a blank canvas

Free your style from the limited options that stock brands offer in their "Asian Fit" ranges. Select any style in premium Italian Acetate or lightweight, flexible stainless steel, mix and match colors, then adjust the width and size of your frames to create your signature look.

As Featured In:


"Topology Eyewear custom sculpts eyewear to fit the contours and specifics of your face"

Business Insider

"Topology Eyewear allows customers to virtually try on glasses through its AR app, enabling customers to build confidence in a purchase that typically requires a physical fitting."

News For Chinese

Topology 以前瞻性的科技,掃描搜集客人的臉部輪廓結構數據,製做獨一無二的高品質眼鏡,全世界沒人能戴,只有你。

"True to my expectations, they look and feel great. After a full day of wear, they still feel comfortable on my face, and I no longer suffer the fatigue or strain of contact lenses."

What Our Customers Say:


Precision-made for any prescription

Our lenses are just as unique as the frames you design. Made-to-order based on your 3D data and frame style, all lenses come with scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coating and can support any prescription, including progressive.

Your signature-fit is just a selfie away

Download the Topology Eyewear app for iPhone and style your perfect eyeglasses or sunglasses today.