Better Than "Low Bridge Fit" Sunglasses

Made for you from scratch

Scan, preview & order within minutes

All frames priced at $349

Insurance & HSA/FSA accepted

Delivered in 4 weeks

Better Than "Low Bridge Fit" Sunglasses

Made for you from scratch

Scan, preview & order within minutes

All frames priced at $349

Insurance & HSA/FSA accepted

Delivered in 4 weeks


No pair of glasses pulled off a shelf will ever fit anyone perfectly.

The idea of so-called Low Nose Bridge Eyewear might sound interesting, but it is just another false generalization. They are still made thousands at a time, sized for a mythical average face, not your actual face. So they’ll still pinch your nose, squeeze your head, touch your eyelashes or slide down your nose.

Introducing Custom-Fit Eyewear:

Scan Your Face

Use our iOS app to scan your face and capture over 2,000 3D measurements.

Design Your Custom-Fit Frames

Preview your fit, style a frame, and order your risk-free prototype all within the app.

Receive & Review Prototype

Confirm the look and feel of your custom fit before ordering your final pair.

Place Your Order

Receive and wear your final pair. Guaranteed to fit, or your money back.


What don’t you like about your current glasses?

How we prevent nose bridge fit issues
We build the nose bridge to fit the exact size and shape of your nose for all-day comfort and lighter-feeling frames.
Custom-Sculpted Nose Fit
Matches your nose contours to the millimeter. Never digs in, rubs or slides down your nose.
How we prevent headaches
Topology frames are custom-fit to your face ensuring the lens angle, lens placement, and temple pressure is ideal for you and your prescription.
Custom Optical PositioningRegardless of how you style your frames, we adjust for your optical center and "PD" to avoid blurred vision and headaches.
No PressureTemples custom-calibrated to open and lock to your precise ear-to-ear width, eliminating pressure from excessive tightness.
Perfect FocusCustom-fit nose pads hold your glasses and lenses the perfect distance from your eye, ensuring optimal focus and avoiding blurred vision or headaches.
Custom-Sculpted Nose Fit
Matches your nose contours to the millimeter. Never digs in.
Perfect AlignmentWe consider and calibrate pantoscopic tilt angles to concentrate optical focus directly into the eye, avoiding blurred vision and headaches.
How we prevent slipping
Topology eliminates slipping by individually sculpting lightweight materials to the contours of your nose and the precise location of each ear for comfortable fit that stays put all day.
True Ear PlacementFrame "temples" are sized and angled to meet the ear perfectly, and can be adjusted to hug the ear precisely and hold in place.
Custom-Sculpted Nose Fit
Matches your nose contours to the millimeter, distributing weight and holding in place without pinching or sliding.
Perfect TensionBy meeting the ear placement exactly, temples are never too loose on the ears.
How we prevent stretching
Topology frames will never lose their original fit because they're designed from scratch for your precise measurements, rather than being heated and bent to fit you.
Precise WidthEvery frame is made to naturally match the precise width of your head with minimal pressure, so it does not stretch out over time.
How we prevent crooked frames
Our intelligent mobile face scan captures even the slightest asymmetry. We treat the left and right nose pads independently to allow the frame to sit straight no matter your facial asymmetry.
True Ear PlacementEverybody has one ear higher than the other. By crafting your frame for the true location of each ear, we ensure your frame sits straight on your face, right out of the box.
3D Nose SculptingWe sculpt every nose bridge to the millimeter and even adjust for asymmetry, bumps and breaks to ensure frames hold flat.
How we prevent incorrect proportions
With Topology there are no predefined sizes that may or may-not fit you - each pair is sized and shaped based on a millimeter accurate scan of your face, so any frame will fit perfectly.
Automatic and Adjustable ProportionsEach frame is auto-fit to immediately suit your face size and proportions. You can also choose to apply additional adjustments to suit your tastes.
Custom Temple Length & Positioning
Everyone's ears are placed differently, so we have no preset temple lengths. Each individual temple is sized and positioned to meet the true placement of your actual ears.
Custom WidthWhether your head is wide or narrow, each frame is custom made to meet the exact width of your true head, ear to ear, for a snug fit without too much pressure.

Our Solution

Glasses made for your eyes only.

Our custom-fit eyewear is made from scratch for one person at a time, based on 2000+ measurements from a simple face scan.
Designed and personalized by you including a personalized inscription. Hundreds of combinations available for any frame in any size.
Our premium materials include Italian Acetate (plastic) with bright colors, high luster and no discoloration over time.
Our flexible yet durable Stainless Steel (metal) has a textured, matte finish and won't stretch, rust, chip, or corrode.

Better Vision

FACT: Glasses that fit better actually help you see better.

By using precise 3D measurements to correctly position your prescription lenses relative to your eyes, we're able to provide you with clearer vision.
In our fitting, we capture measurements of:

2,000 mm accurate measurements of your face, including depth, width and precise location of each ear

Your true pupillary distance

Optical height

Wrap angle / base curve

Vertex distance

Pantoscopic tilt

High-Index Lenses

High-index lenses are made to be thinner than traditional lenses to accommodate those with strong prescriptions.

Our lens specialists review each order and select the index that keeps your lenses as lightweight and thin as possible, without degrading performance. We never charge extra for high-index lenses.

State-Of-The-Art Progressives

We build your frame around your prescription.

Your facial scan tells us exactly where the custom frame will position your lens. This allows us to create your lens with the largest possible reading area and widest intermediate corridor, as well as minimize peripheral distortion. Chat with a style & optics expert in the app for help choosing a frame or to learn more about our progressives.

Premium Coatings

All our lenses come standard with 4 premium protective coatings that make cleaning and care easier.

• Scratch-resistant coating
• Anti-reflective coating
• UV protective coating
• Super-hydrophobic coating

Protective Filters & Sun Tints

We offer a range of optional lens treatments and sun tints.

• Polarization
• Blue-light blocking
• Transitions (photochromic lenses)
• Olive and brown sun tints
• Silver, blue, orange, or red mirror tints

Our Promise

A Perfect Fit For Any Face

Made to wear, and sculpted to fit your unique face and prescription.

100% Satisfaction

Wear it and love it, or your money back.

1-Year Warranty

100% warranty on all frames in first year. 30 day warranty on lenses.

Our eyewear feels like it was made just for you...
because it was.

Real-Time Guidance

Live chat or email our style & optics experts anytime! They’ll stay in touch and provide one-on-one assistance throughout the entire process.

Expert Engineers

Our mechanical engineers run quality checks at every critical point — from verifying your face scan is error free, through to the details of final production.

Premium Materials

Each frame is crafted from high-quality Italian acetate or American-made stainless steel for a lightweight and durable feel.

Our Clients


(San Ramon, CA)

Unbelievably, my Topology lenses are actually sharper and more accurate to my prescription than the lenses I had previously.

"I was testing my Topology glasses during a Bay Area heatwave. It was 106 degrees outside and yes, I was sweating while walking the dog. These glasses did not slide down my face like my other sunglasses. I didn't have to keep pushing them up because the nose pads didn't fit my face. Very cool and a huge selling point.

Topology is definitely not just for fashion wear. I just finished backpacking the High Sierra with my best friend and loyal companion, Maggie. Couldn't have done it without my Topology custom prescription sunglasses!"


(Cedar Falls, IA)

Having glasses that fit my face without shopping in the kid's section was ideal.

“I have a very narrow face and the ability to have glasses made that fit my face without shopping in the kid's section was ideal. The glasses fit my face and I can wear them all day at work and I love the style.  I work on the computer all day and having the blue light blocking lenses was important to me. 

The prototypes that were sent were very useful in determining the fit and getting a visual of how the glasses would look on me.  The style and color selections are very up to date and I continue to receive compliments on my glasses.  Very fast response to emails which I really appreciated.”

As Featured In:


"Topology Eyewear custom sculpts eyewear to fit the contours and specifics of your face"

Business Insider

"Topology Eyewear allows customers to virtually try on glasses through its AR app, enabling customers to build confidence in a purchase that typically requires a physical fitting."

News For Chinese

Topology 以前瞻性的科技,掃描搜集客人的臉部輪廓結構數據,製做獨一無二的高品質眼鏡,全世界沒人能戴,只有你。

"True to my expectations, they look and feel great. After a full day of wear, they still feel comfortable on my face, and I no longer suffer the fatigue or strain of contact lenses."