Current Jobs

Senior Content & Social Marketing Manager

We are seeking a world-class marketer and team leader to own creation and execution of all aspects of our content and social marketing.

From concepting the earliest creative ideas, to building a high performance content and social marketing team, you’ll be making something truly great with a meaningful impact for thousands of people -- all while doing the best work of your career.

An exceptionally exciting and rewarding opportunity in Fashion Tech - this is the chance to help build the next iconic global brand, and be a foundational member of the team that has created the first meaningful eyewear innovation in hundreds of years.


  • Lead content strategy, calendar and production across social, blogs, website, app content, and CRM
  • Direct the growing and nurturing of the Topology fan base across all social channels
  • Initially be hands-on with writing content and posting through social channels, before recruiting for and handing over to expert resources for future growth
  • Implement tools and processes for monitoring, responding and publishing on social media, before recruiting and handing over to a junior
  • Work with internal design and technical resources for production needs
  • Appoint and manage 3rd party producers, writers, photographers etc. as needed
  • In the medium term, build a high performing marketing team across social, content and CRM
  • Report directly to the Chief Marketing & Growth Officer for close collaboration on high-level strategic goal setting and innovation targets
  • Work in partnership with the growth team to prioritize and brief work with the greatest potential to move the needle for the company
  • Monitor cultural and industry trends, recommending opportunities for Topology to participate
  • Create and continually improve delivery processes, managing flow of work, consistency and changes
  • Play a critical and influential role in the establishment of an exciting, lifestyle brand at the intersection of fashion and technology
  • Spend every day creating content that you will love yourself, and enjoy sharing it with a broad audience
  • Enjoy having the autonomy to experiment with the newest channels and formats as they emerge
  • Do the best work of your career and create a strong portfolio of creative and commercial excellence


  • You have 5+ years experience as a professional marketer for established, respected brands
  • Demonstrable portfolio experience of creating great content and growing a social following
  • Proven track record of hiring and developing great talent in a variety of marketing & creative functions
  • Experience in a startup environment


  • Writing: You are able to create good quality long and short form content in reference to a brand style guide and TOV
  • Collaboration: You know how to collaborate with internal and external production partners for creation of high quality creative assets
  • Flexibility: You relish wearing many hats and jumping between projects in a dynamic startup environment
  • Domain expertise: You have encyclopedic knowledge of all content and social channels, with direct experience of creating successful content and engaged communities
  • Taste: You have a good eye and instinct for creating content appropriate to a premium consumer brand


  • You are a passionate advocate for branding and marketing and relish teaching and inspiring other departments that may be new to marketing
  • You have a keen interest in fashion, style and lifestyle content and love following and sharing current trends
  • You love social media, and maybe even already create great content and have a strong following on channels such as Instagram or Pinterest, blogs or vlogs


  • Our product is the first in the eyewear market to truly embrace the diversity within the population today. As such, we are especially interested in embracing candidates from any and every gender, ethnicity, and cultural background
  • You’ll bring your passion for fashion and style to our team of scientists and engineers

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Head of Design

We are looking for a design leader with a passion for cutting edge technology, both software and hardware. An experienced team player who thrives on building design team culture, you love facing complex product and UX problems that haven’t been solved before. You’re looking for a product that’s new and meaningful enough to give you space for career-defining work, and for a company that you can leave your personal mark on.

This Head of Design role will lead our Product & Design team in our San Francisco office. This is a decidedly early stage company; the product, the experience, and the business are all rapidly evolving, and you will have a seat at the table in determining the overall product roadmap—what we focus on and more importantly, why. You’ll drive creative work on all the ways we touch our consumer; not just the app, but the broader brand, product packaging, retail experience, and even the eyewear materials and designs themselves.

You will have and can articulate a vision of the customer experience, are passionate about customer needs, obsessive about quality and can deliver measurable outcomes. You apply a well-honed sense of taste in your visual designs, while being hungry for direct customer insights and research at all stages of the design process.


  • Lead design efforts from concept to market of large and small initiatives, with an emphasis on simple and modern user-centered design principles
  • Apply strong user experience, design and research fundamentals to deliver intuitive customer journeys that will inspire and align teams. Can not only create wireframes, storyboards, design specs and final feature designs, but also coach teams to deliver the same
  • Advocate for the customers’ needs. Seek customer and cross-functional team feedback proactively and continuously improve the team’s output
  • Able to prioritize and manage multiple design milestones and deliverables and successfully ship and iterate on consumer experiences
  • Be well-versed and experienced designing within an iOS environment
  • Able to measure outcomes and the quality of a customer experience
  • Determine user research direction for the company. Participate in and leverage user research and testing feedback to inform and validate design decisions


  • 10+ years of product design experience with at-least 3 years in a product design leadership role where you have managed individual contributors, as well as teams. Experience with mobile design is a must. Experience e-commerce and designing physical products is a plus
  • Demonstrated fluency in aligning and communicating user-centered design principles, graphic design, and web standards
  • Demonstrated experience in strategizing and analyzing measurable objectives and outcomes for customer experience
  • Portfolio showcasing projects that demonstrate your problem-solving process as well as pixel-perfect design solutions
  • Experience executing product design process, tools and systems
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills to communicate design rationale and thinking. Ability to inspire and get people on-board

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Director of Customer Success

Topology is not just a brand and a manufacturer, it’s a service--like a personal tailor. As such, our customer experience interactions are far deeper and richer than with most consumer-facing companies. You and your team will not only be the face and personality of the company to the customer, you will not only help the customers to find the perfect product for them, but you’ll be creatively solving their problems. You’ll be the personality and voice of the company to our customers.

As the head of the Customer Success team, the Director of Customer Success is responsible for communication with customers and for relaying insights to the rest of the team. You are a player and a coach. Salesperson, people manager, style consultant, vision expert (we’ll help you with the last piece!), you’re excited about a role where you’ll spend a lot of time talking directly to customers, worrying about what they’re worried about, learning their names and their stories, and blowing their minds by delivering the look and feel they’ve always wanted but never found. Within 2 months, you’ll be hiring and managing the people who can do your job, and you’re just as excited about the processes and challenges of that transition as you are about the direct connection with customers.

You’ve worked in a high-touch customer success or customer experience role before; perhaps you’ve led Customer Experience or Customer Success teams previously, perhaps you’re stepping up from being an Individual Contributor on a high performing team. You’re highly organized, you’re highly motivated, you’re energized by keeping a lot of balls in the air at once. You’re patient, persistent, empathetic. There’s a lot that’s new and different about what we do; you like learning and you like teaching.


  • You have to like talking to customers. You will not enjoy this role if you don’t
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills demonstrating professionalism, courtesy, empathy, and credibility
  • Highly Organized and Process Driven--can you articulate what you need at your fingertips in order to have meaningful interactions with 30 people in a day? What does a group of 3 people need to interact with 70 people in a day? As you transition to running a team of these people, what do you need at your disposal to measure and manage the productivity of your team AND the quality of their interactions?
  • Data driven--you’ll be defining the metrics used to measure your team, and those used to manage individuals within your team
  • (Respectfully) opinionated -- If you’re being told something that doesn’t make sense, or being asked to do something counterproductive, you’re the person who puts their hand up to talk about it
  • Comfort with technology -- the software we use around the office is changing to help us grow, learning new systems shouldn’t scare you
  • Advocacy--you form the relationship with the customer, then you hold the team responsible for producing exactly what they want and need. In the same vein, you’ll be responsible for bubbling up key insights your team has from front-line interactions with customers to impact design and product decisions

Bonus points for...

  • Knowledge of eyeglasses and opticianry
  • Experience at a fast-paced tech startup
  • Experience managing and motivating teams

But, I’m not all of these things…

Ultimately, you’ll be successful at this job if you can spend every working hour showing customers you hear their concerns and you are more worried about getting them to look their best, see their best, and feel their best than even they are. And then, you can be organized and structured enough to take that lightning in a jar, replicate it across a team, and hold each person accountable for demonstrating that level of care.

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Backend Development and DevOps

Our app shows a pretty face to the world. But the heavy lifting happens on the backend. We are looking for a backend developer who can help maintain, operate, and enhance our key systems.

We develop and operate our own ML computer vision stack. This is a complex application, built from Python and C++ and a multitude of external dependencies. It needs to be reliable in operation, scalable under load, and easy to enhance as our models evolve. Would you like to define and build a modern pipeline for agile development and deployment of machine learning models? That’s us.

We’re also a high-touch e-commerce application. We communicate with customers and take transaction, from the app and from the web. And we’re a physical manufacturing company, so fulfilling an order is not just setting a flag on an account database. We coordinate between the customer and production over multiple steps until final delivery. Currently we do a surprising amount of this with third-party services, but as we enrich our system we are moving functionality in house.

What does this entail?

  • AWS — we use EC2, SQS, and other basic services extensively, like many others.
  • Linux — we have built a lot of provisioning and deployment infrastructure on top of plain vanilla Ubuntu, so our work depends on a solid grasp of fundamentals like bash, apt-get, and the Linux process and filesystem permissions model.
  • Backend development. Right now we use Clojure for ML infra code, and Python for computer vision. We expect to do new server-side development in one of those languages. But we’re quite open to moving to something like Swift (or Kotlin) that would fit with our current skills and language commitments.
  • Docker — we use this now for environment isolation, but we hope to use it more in production, most probably with kubernetes.

Is some of this familiar to you, and others parts of this interesting? Perfect! In short, this is an opportunity to define and build the key infrastructure for a modern, machine learning and e-commerce startup. If you're curious, please reach out to @alexisgallagher on Twitter.

iOS Developer

A dedicated iOS developer. You will reach out because you want to work on something that is not just another table view!

Here you'll join a picked team of other experts building an unusual app -- an app that pushes the limits of the iPhone's capabilities, that enjoys a true business imperative to be beautifully designed, and that will be one of the coolest apps on your phone.You have previously been a leading team contributor, or built apps solo. You know Swift (or are eager to learn it after a decade of Objective-C). Maybe you have lectured or written books on iOS. You can get the job done in bash, Python, JS, or whatever comes up. You've probably also experimented with Haskell, Clojure, F#, or Ocaml. But you dream in Cocoa Touch. 

You know your Auto Layout from your springs and struts, your MVC from your MVVM, but most of all you also know the basis for your own judgments.You are excited about new tech and about old tech, about tech that works, and about finding the intersection between them all.If this is you, we want to meet you! 

In short, iOS is critical to Topology. Our app does a lot right now, but we've got a lot still to do! The video above dates from the very ancient past (a year ago?). Check the App Store to see where we are now. These days, you will also be working with delightful @erikfoss and @gregheo!

We are hiring for both permanent full-time and short-term contract roles. 

How to apply

Reach out to Alexis on Twitter. P.S. Extra nice if you also have special interest or expertise in computer graphics, augmented reality, machine learning, or ecommerce.