Senior User Researcher (IxD)

As a Topology Senior User Researcher (IxD), you are on the front lines with customers because you care about making the lives of users better, you strive to listen to their needs and to understand their challenges. Once you do, you jump into action with your team and your peers to define superior solutions. As you gather numerous stakeholder perspectives, you continue our legacy of delivering exceptional and innovative products.

Day to day, your understanding of Topology, our customer's objectives, and your drive to execute makes you successful. That includes collaboration with internal and external customers, informing team priorities, and ensuring smooth communication among your peer product management teammates.

About You

You’re hungry for novel challenges. We’re not building just another e-commerce experience; we’re at the cutting edge of AR-enabled commerce, of mass-customization, of shopping for a product where people typically feel a low level of confidence, and relying on a new activity (3D scanning) where they don’t have established norms of usage.  Because we don’t have an IxD playbook to follow here, you’ll succeed only if you’re the kind of designer who likes to evaluate everything from first principles.

You are a pragmatic perfectionist.  Sometimes, “done is better than perfect” so that we can start testing, or improving the daily experience of users, sooner than later. Sometimes, “do it right, or not at all” is the only approach to addressing a deeper user need. You have the experience and taste to know which is which, and the ability to shift between modes seamlessly.

You’re a user scientist. You’re as excited about testing your hypotheses around user needs and desires as you are about exploring new features.

What you’ll do:

Hands-On Design
- User Research — Leverage customer and market knowledge, contextual inquiry, and analysis techniques to inform and support design decisions.
- Participate and contribute to user interviews, discovery sessions, brainstorms, and design thinking workshops.
- Interaction Design — Work collaboratively with customers, product owners, and software developers using personas, story maps, sketches, wireframes, and interactive prototypes to define and communicate the user experience.
- Provide value through design thinking that intersects user centricity and business innovation.
- Create user experience deliverables including: journey maps, user flows, IA documents, data diagrams, and clickable prototypes.
- Design Validation — Perform pre and post-release usability testing to validate design decisions and efficacy.
- Evangelize User Experience best practices, strategies, techniques, and methodologies.


You have the following:
- 5+ years of experience
- The ability and passion to tell stories with data, verbally and visually using your excellent interpersonal skills and oral and written communication skills
- Strong ability to recognize and predict use cases and user interaction, including happy path as well as edge and corner cases, and incorporate them into designs.
- The passion for exploring multiple avenues and iterating based on the journey down the best avenue
- Proficiency in Figma, Sketch, Omnigraffle, Adobe Creative Suite, Invision, Powerpoint, and Keynote
- The professional demeanor to communicate and articulate with business owners and with users
- Capacity to excel both independently and within a collaborative team environment
- Ability to deliver deadline-driven quality work with grace and a healthy sense of humor

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