iOS Developer

A dedicated iOS developer. You will reach out because you want to work on something that is not just another table view!

Here you'll join a picked team of other experts building an unusual app -- an app that pushes the limits of the iPhone's capabilities, that enjoys a true business imperative to be beautifully designed, and that will be one of the coolest apps on your phone.You have previously been a leading team contributor, or built apps solo. You know Swift (or are eager to learn it after a decade of Objective-C). Maybe you have lectured or written books on iOS. You can get the job done in bash, Python, JS, or whatever comes up. You've probably also experimented with Haskell, Clojure, F#, or Ocaml. But you dream in Cocoa Touch. 

You know your Auto Layout from your springs and struts, your MVC from your MVVM, but most of all you also know the basis for your own judgments.You are excited about new tech and about old tech, about tech that works, and about finding the intersection between them all.If this is you, we want to meet you! 

In short, iOS is critical to Topology. Our app does a lot right now, but we've got a lot still to do! The video above dates from the very ancient past (a year ago?). Check the App Store to see where we are now. These days, you will also be working with delightful @erikfoss and @gregheo!

We are hiring for both permanent full-time and short-term contract roles. 

How to apply

Reach out to Alexis on Twitter. P.S. Extra nice if you also have special interest or expertise in computer graphics, augmented reality, machine learning, or ecommerce.