HR General Manager

When it comes to eyewear, one size does not fit all. But despite the fact that everyone is different, stock eyewear is only made for one mythical “average” person. They simply were not made for you.  That’s why it’s near impossible to find glasses you truly love—glasses that look exactly the way you want and that never pinch, create red marks, and slide down your nose. At Topology Eyewear we are solving this problem for billions of people worldwide by creating custom-tailored glasses. We do this by making each pair one at a time, perfectly sized and shaped for one person at a time.  

HR General Manager

We’re looking for our first People hire.  Part recruiter, part policy-writer, part performance coach, part culture builder, you relish the startup mantra of “wearing many hats” and you want to apply it to building an MVP of a first-class talent organization from the ground up.  Initially, you’ll spend about half your time on talent acquisition, and the other half on building the infrastructure for a talent management organization that scales.

You’re deeply empathetic, able to identify with and advocate on behalf of the range of personality types, backgrounds, and skill sets that we have the privilege of working with.  As part of a vertically integrated company, you’re working with everyone from our entry-level manufacturing line operators to future members of the executive team, equally focused on job satisfaction, performance development, and growth opportunities for each.  

You’re highly strategic in your approach.  You’re thinking six months or a year ahead to where we plan to be, and working backwards to figure out the organizational design changes that need to take place between now and then (including within the talent organization itself).  You relish the opportunity to design the right HR organization (or sub-organizations) from first principles.

You love thinking about culture.  As we’re growing out of the stage where most employees knew at least some customers at a time by name, we want to maintain that personal connection to improving our customers’ lives across the whole company, and you enjoy brainstorming the right combination of values reinforcement, rituals, and rewards that create that personal connection to our mission in each context.


• Bachelor’s degree
• 3+ years of HR experience
• Experience in a startup environment, preferably a startup that has gone through a hypergrowth / rapid scale phase
• Ability to build trust, remain accessible, and handle sensitive situations and data
• The ability to self-manage, the desire to come in and evolve our thinking on what your role and your department should be
• A passion for learning—there will be curveballs in this role, and you should look forward to conducting research, reading blogs, attending conferences, etc., to stay ahead of the challenges coming our way
• Exceptional organizational and communication skills (both written and verbal)
• Additional experience in recruiting / sourcing preferred
• Experience overseeing HR for hourly employees strongly preferred

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