Backend Development and DevOps

Our app shows a pretty face to the world. But the heavy lifting happens on the backend. We are looking for a backend developer who can help maintain, operate, and enhance our key systems.

We develop and operate our own ML computer vision stack. This is a complex application, built from Python and C++ and a multitude of external dependencies. It needs to be reliable in operation, scalable under load, and easy to enhance as our models evolve. Would you like to define and build a modern pipeline for agile development and deployment of machine learning models? That’s us.

We’re also a high-touch e-commerce application. We communicate with customers and take transaction, from the app and from the web. And we’re a physical manufacturing company, so fulfilling an order is not just setting a flag on an account database. We coordinate between the customer and production over multiple steps until final delivery. Currently we do a surprising amount of this with third-party services, but as we enrich our system we are moving functionality in house.

What does this entail?

  • AWS — we use EC2, SQS, and other basic services extensively, like many others.
  • Linux — we have built a lot of provisioning and deployment infrastructure on top of plain vanilla Ubuntu, so our work depends on a solid grasp of fundamentals like bash, apt-get, and the Linux process and filesystem permissions model.
  • Backend development. Right now we use Clojure for ML infra code, and Python for computer vision. We expect to do new server-side development in one of those languages. But we’re quite open to moving to something like Swift (or Kotlin) that would fit with our current skills and language commitments.
  • Docker — we use this now for environment isolation, but we hope to use it more in production, most probably with kubernetes.

Is some of this familiar to you, and others parts of this interesting? Perfect! In short, this is an opportunity to define and build the key infrastructure for a modern, machine learning and e-commerce startup. If you're curious, please reach out to @alexisgallagher on Twitter.