Director of Customer Success

Topology is not just a brand and a manufacturer, it’s a service--like a personal tailor. As such, our customer experience interactions are far deeper and richer than with most consumer-facing companies. You and your team will not only be the face and personality of the company to the customer, you will not only help the customers to find the perfect product for them, but you’ll be creatively solving their problems. You’ll be the personality and voice of the company to our customers.

As the head of the Customer Success team, the Director of Customer Success is responsible for communication with customers and for relaying insights to the rest of the team. You are a player and a coach. Salesperson, people manager, style consultant, vision expert (we’ll help you with the last piece!), you’re excited about a role where you’ll spend a lot of time talking directly to customers, worrying about what they’re worried about, learning their names and their stories, and blowing their minds by delivering the look and feel they’ve always wanted but never found. Within 2 months, you’ll be hiring and managing the people who can do your job, and you’re just as excited about the processes and challenges of that transition as you are about the direct connection with customers.

You’ve worked in a high-touch customer success or customer experience role before; perhaps you’ve led Customer Experience or Customer Success teams previously, perhaps you’re stepping up from being an Individual Contributor on a high performing team. You’re highly organized, you’re highly motivated, you’re energized by keeping a lot of balls in the air at once. You’re patient, persistent, empathetic. There’s a lot that’s new and different about what we do; you like learning and you like teaching.


  • You have to like talking to customers. You will not enjoy this role if you don’t
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills demonstrating professionalism, courtesy, empathy, and credibility
  • Highly Organized and Process Driven--can you articulate what you need at your fingertips in order to have meaningful interactions with 30 people in a day? What does a group of 3 people need to interact with 70 people in a day? As you transition to running a team of these people, what do you need at your disposal to measure and manage the productivity of your team AND the quality of their interactions?
  • Data driven--you’ll be defining the metrics used to measure your team, and those used to manage individuals within your team
  • (Respectfully) opinionated -- If you’re being told something that doesn’t make sense, or being asked to do something counterproductive, you’re the person who puts their hand up to talk about it
  • Comfort with technology -- the software we use around the office is changing to help us grow, learning new systems shouldn’t scare you
  • Advocacy--you form the relationship with the customer, then you hold the team responsible for producing exactly what they want and need. In the same vein, you’ll be responsible for bubbling up key insights your team has from front-line interactions with customers to impact design and product decisions

Bonus points for...

  • Knowledge of eyeglasses and opticianry
  • Experience at a fast-paced tech startup
  • Experience managing and motivating teams

But, I’m not all of these things…

Ultimately, you’ll be successful at this job if you can spend every working hour showing customers you hear their concerns and you are more worried about getting them to look their best, see their best, and feel their best than even they are. And then, you can be organized and structured enough to take that lightning in a jar, replicate it across a team, and hold each person accountable for demonstrating that level of care.

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