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How does pricing work?

Custom eyewear

What is the starting price for Topology Eyewear?

Topology Eyewear starts at $549 for non-prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses, or $698 for standard "Single Vision" prescription eyeglasses. This includes both the frame AND the lens.

What is included in the price?

  • Custom-Fit frame, made-to-order in San Francisco
    Every frame is made from scratch when you place your order, based on your design and the thousands of precise measurements obtained from your iPhone scan.
  • Perfect-Fit Guarantee
    We guarantee a perfect fit for any face, or your money back
  • The highest quality materials
    We only use the highest quality Acetate, imported directly from Mazzucchelli in Northern Italy. Our metal frames are made from lightweight, flexible stainless steel. All our components for hinges and wire cores are sourced from Germany.
  • The highest quality lenses
    We only use the highest quality lenses that money can buy. Plano non-prescription lenses and non-prescription sunglass lenses are included in the $549 frame price. Please see below for detailed lens pricing.
  • The highest-index lens appropriate to your prescription
    Thinner, lighter lenses for the same prescription.
  • Value-added coatings
    Hydrophobic, anti-reflective and scratch resistance are all included free of charge.
  • Inscription
    Your name engraved on the inside of the frame temple.
  • Free Delivery and Returns
    Free shipping both ways within the continental USA.
  • Our special folding leather case
    Folds flat when not in use to save space in your pocket or purse.
  • Cleaning cloth and spray
    To keep your Topology Eyewear crystal clear

What we NEVER charge extra for:

There are several things your optical often up-sells you to pay extra for, but we just just believe you should have them. So we include these for you by default, at no extra cost.

  • High-Index Lenses (+$0)
    We only ever use the highest index lens appropriate to your prescription. This means that your lens will be both thinner and lighter while offering the same optics.
  • Hydrophobic Coating (+$0)
    A hydrophobic coating "repels" water. This means that water, raindrops and mist will bead up and roll off your lens more quickly, giving you better vision in wet conditions and less smudging or blurred vision.
  • Anti-Reflective Coating (+$0)
    An Anti-Reflective Coating reduces the glare of reflected light that other people see when they look at you in your glasses. This enables better eye contact without impacting your vision.
  • Scratch Resistant Coating (+$0)
    All our lenses are coated with a special material to help the impact of minor scratches.

How does my prescription affect the price?

The following lens options are available at the following additional price:

  • "Plano" Non-Prescription lenses (+$0)
  • Standard "Single Vision" Prescription Lenses (+$149)
  • Standard Bifocal Lenses (+$249)
  • Progressive Lenses (+$349)

We do not charge you extra for:

  • "Strong" prescriptions. (We love strong prescriptions!)
  • Large variations in prescription between eyes

Premium lens upgrades available

The following items can be added to any order if you choose:

  • Polarized filters for sunglasses (+$99)
    When light is reflected it becomes "polarized." Polarized sunglass lenses filter this light, so that you experience less glare from wet roads, car windscreens and more.
  • Blue-light blocking lenses (+$49)
    Also known as "computer lenses," these lenses filter-out the potentially harmful "blue light" rays that can cause eye fatigue and upset your sleeping patterns.
  • Transition Lenses (+$149)
    Also known as "photochromatic lenses," these change from clear to tinted dark when you move from indoors to outdoors.

Are there any prescription types Topology does not support?

We don't currently offer "Prism" lenses.

Any other questions or requirements?

Please contact us by using the chat icon in the bottom-right of any page, or within the app itself. 

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