Elevate your patient experience with advanced digital tools.

Combining advanced virtual try-on with 3D digital optical measurements, the Touchless Optical Platform expands opticians’ capabilities, allowing them to serve patients more efficiently and effectively in-office, and for the first time, remotely.

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Using the FaceID hardware on an iPad or iPhone, add a stunningly accurate 3D model of a patient’s face to their file, taking literally thousands of optical and anatomical measurements in less than a minute.

Scan the patient during check-in or pre-test so you can begin shopping for them while they’re in the exam lane or waiting outside.

From the comfort of their own home, a patient can scan their face on their iPhone and upload the scan to your practice’s patient file.


Curate & select

Our fitting algorithm searches your catalogue of frames—traditional branded frames as well as custom-tailored—and presents only those which will fit your patient. It offers a 3D, photo-realistic preview of how they’ll look wearing them.

Beginning the shopping experience with only the frames that would fit, then narrowing the selection on a screen, a patient only needs to try on 2-3 frames to find their pair.

Shop alongside your patient over a video call, using their virtual try-on as a shared environment. Help them find what looks good and understand why it’s the right choice for their lifestyle and taste.


Fit lenses

Unlike other Virtual Try-Ons, the Touchless Optical Platform delivers incredibly precise digital optical measurements.  You and your patients will appreciate fewer remakes and fewer progressive non-adapts.

Measurements are delivered instantly and safely. Opticians no longer need to position themselves extremely close to their patients for a precise fitting, and they can spend more time consulting on lens designs.

Order lenses from your lab within a virtual appointment. Only Topology can offer 3D Position of Wear measurements precise enough to dispense even the most challenging prescriptions, without ever physically putting the frame on the patient’s face.


Pre-adjust & deliver

Adjustment instructions are sent to your optician or your lab at the time of purchase. That way, you can offer curbside pickup, or delivery to the home, with an out-of-the-box fit guarantee.

With adjustment instructions in hand, save your patients a second trip to the store, and leave open your appointment calendar for new patients and eye exams.

With adjustment instructions sent to your opticians, we finish the virtual experience without a single office visit, allowing for optimal convenience for your patients.


Follow up

Did your patient decide not to purchase today? Did a new collection from their favorite designer just arrive? Send an email to your patients with an embedded virtual try-on, and offer to complete the sale with the click of a button.

Significant opportunity

Dramatically increase the lifetime value of a customer by re-engaging your walk-outs, increasing your multi-pairing, and encouraging them to come in for their next visit sooner.

Platform Benefits

Increase your sales

A better shopping experience will lead to more sales for your practice.

Deliver better vision

Precise measurements means fewer remakes, faster accommodation, and reduced non-adapts.

Virtual appointments

Serve patients anywhere, even from home, to expand flexibility and options for patients and staff alike.

More efficient visits

Cut time spent browsing your shelf, disinfecting frames, or measuring lenses, so you can see more patients.

Out-compete online stores

If you offer more convenience and more certainty than online sellers, you’ll increase your capture rate.

Safer conditions

Reduce physical contact and physical proximity between staff and patients with digital tools.

Increase multi-pairing

Traditionally, the biggest blocker to a second sale is the inconvenience of two additional trips to the store.

More frame options

You can offer every color variant of the frames you stock, and even those styles you didn’t purchase.

Something for everyone

The platform also enables custom-tailored eyewear, so any style in any color can be made to fit any patient.

Frequently asked questions

+  How is this any different than other VTO programs?

Topology’s platform is way more than just a virtual try-on (though, when you see it in action, you’ll agree it’s better than any other out there). This is not merely a tool for visualization—it’s a dispensing platform designed to deliver better optical measurements, with an ability to help you pre-adjust frames before delivering them to a patient.

+  Do i link to this from my website?

The platform is designed to be deployed on iPads in your stores, because it’s a professionally- driven experience. While we’re working to develop white-label e-commerce solutions for retail partners, our focus is on enhancing the optician-patient relationship with a better experience in-store and a virtual appointment capability.

+  What is a virtual appointment?

A virtual appointment is the optical equivalent of telemedicine. Your patient can download an app to their iPhone, scan their face, and upload their scan to your practice. Then, you can use a virtual try-on as a shared environment, where you shop alongside your customer, helping them pick out the best frame and lens for their lifestyle, taste, and prescription. Finally, you’ll export lens measurements and pre-adjustment instructions so you can order lenses directly from your lab and adjust the frames to fit without your patient ever having to come in.

+  Does this only work with Apple devices?

In order to power a VTO precise enough to know exactly where a frame will fit on a face and how to dispense lenses with sub-millimeter accuracy, we leverage a 3D scanner, and currently that’s only available on iPhones and iPads. For customers with no iPhone, you can scan them when they come in for an eye exam, and they can use the VTO in virtual appointments or over a browser at any time in the future.

+  Can a retailer offer Topology Custom-Tailored Eyewear?

Absolutely.  Most of our sales are made by a professional optician in a retail setting, and our in-store experience offers them the chance to pick out materials and colors, work with a trained stylist, touch and feel sample frames, etc. The same 3D face scan that powers the Touchless Optical Platform also drives Custom-Tailored design.

+  Does Topology sell a specific set of frames?

When it comes to Topology's Custom-Tailored frames manufactured in San Francisco, we provide those. However, the much larger catalogue of branded eyewear that has been added to our platform will be provided by you and your frame supplier. Topology simply offers visualizations, lens measurements, and pre-adjustment instructions.

+  Which branded frames have been added to the platform?

At this time, vendor agreements do not allow us to advertise this list on our website. Please contact us to find out how much of your catalogue is covered.

+  Does Topology dispense lenses?

Depending on your preference, we can offer lenses with the Custom-Tailored frames, or you can order lenses directly from your preferred lab. For stock eyewear, we offer lens measurements and adjustment instructions, but we do not handle fulfillment.

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