6 Reasons Everyone Is Ditching Stock Eyewear

For many, many years, designer brands have been selling stock eyewear at a premium price, with little to no regard for fit or performance. The future of eyewear is bespoke — here's why you should hop on board.

First things first… What is “stock” eyewear?

Stock eyewear refers to the eyeglasses and sunglasses you find in stores and online that are mass produced in batches, all sized to fit just one person.

For many, many years, designer brands have been selling stock eyewear at a premium price, with little to no regard for fit or performance. These companies make their glasses for a mythical average caucasian person, and if you don’t fit into that mold, you’re out of luck.

The top 6 reasons everyone is ditching stock eyewear:

1. Custom-fit eyewear fixes everything you hate about glasses

We know that faces cannot be generalized. Our custom-fit approach is the only way to solve all of the fit problems you may encounter with standard, stock frames.

Red marks on your nose? We build each nose bridge to fit the exact size and shape of your nose, eliminating red marks and providing all-day comfort with lighter-feeling frames.

Glasses slipping down your face? We eliminate slipping by matching your nose contours to the millimeter, distributing weight and holding in place without pinching or sliding. We also size and angle your temples to meet the ear perfectly for a comfortable fit that stays put all day.

Constant headaches? Our frames are custom-fit to your face, ensuring the lens angle, lens placement, and temple pressure is ideal for you and your prescription.

Hate how thick your lens is? Our lens specialists review each order and select the index that keeps your lenses as lightweight and thin as possible, without degrading performance. We also never charge extra for high-index lenses.

2. FACT: Glasses that fit better actually help you see better

Take a minute to wrap you head around this: with stock eyewear, there’s a 99.9% chance you haven’t been seeing as clearly as you could and should be. 

That means, for however long you’ve been wearing glasses, you probably haven’t been getting the true 20/20 vision you’ve been promised.

Crazy, right? Let us break it down for you.

When you’re at the exam room at your eye doctor’s office, they use a machine called a phoropter to test your eyes and ultimately, determine your prescription. As your optometrist changes lenses and other settings, while asking for your feedback, those lenses are held at a constant distance from your face.

This means that the distance your glasses holds the lens away from your face is a key factor in determining how clear your vision will be.

Stock eyewear takes a gamble with where your glasses will sit on your nose and hopes that it’s close enough that you won’t notice it’s not 100%. Instead of settling for good enough, our 3D face scan allows us to capture your facial measurements exactly, positioning your prescription lenses relative to your eyes, preventing them from moving out of place, and ensuring you receive the clearest vision possible.

3. The design possibilities are endless

Each of our frame designs is meant to be viewed as a starting point. In our app, you can:

  • Take a 3D scan of your face
  • Try on any design and color in real time
  • Choose a custom combination of frame design and color
  • Mix and match frame temples
  • Browse lens tint colors
  • Adjust height, width and alignment
  • Share designs privately or via social

The best way to explore our range is directly on your face using the Topology App.

4. Guaranteed to fit perfectly, or your money back

With bespoke (made to measure) products, it’s unheard of to have a return policy — until now. 

We’re so confident that you’ll love your glasses that we’re happy to offer a complete, unconditional, no-questions-asked 100% refund policy.

All the risk is on us, not on you. If the fit, the color, the finish, the quality, the optics — literally anything — about the glasses isn't exactly what you want, we'll remake the glasses as many times as we have to until you're happy, or we'll refund your money. The same goes our $10 trial, too.

5. Our clients and the press are raving about it

Don’t just take our word for it. We’ve spoken with and met with many of clients and the overwhelming response is: “I’m never going back to stock glasses again.” Read more reviews here.

Journalists were also eager to put Topology to the test:

"No one else offers this level of customization..." - Forbes
"The fit? It's flawless." -Modern Luxury Silicon Valley
"After a full day of wear, they still feel comfortable on my face..." -Spy

6. Now, you can get custom-fit eyewear faster, better and for the same price as stock "designer" glasses

We make every pair of glasses from scratch, based on 2,000 measurements of each individual person’s face, at the same cost as designer eyewear. Our frames are all priced at $549, before insurance or FSA/HSA. 

Plus, all of our lenses include premium coatings that you would normally be charged extra for at an optical store, including: scratch-resistant coating, anti-reflective coating, UV protective coating and super-hydrophobic coating. More info on our pricing here.

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