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Precise scans create the perfect fit in any style.

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Touchless Optical platform

A powerful new tool for opticians: In-office or at-home

Our digital platform is designed to help opticians deliver better vision, superior comfort and impeccable confidence more effectively than ever. Provide your services in-office or remotely online.


A unique, premium offering of our digital platform

Using a 3D scan to capture over 20,000 measurements, our bespoke eyewear is custom-manufactured from scratch to perfectly fit each individual, in any style and color of their choosing.

The topology Experience


Digitally optimize your patient’s vision, leveraging a millimeter-accurate 3D facial scan
Quick and easy digital scan
Custom-tailor frames or select and preview best-fitting stock frames
Measure near & far PD and calculate 3D position of wear (seg height, vertex, wrap, panto)
In-office or remote with virtual appointments


Design the perfect fitting custom frames with a virtual try-on, or find the stock frames that will fit best.
Custom-tailored glasses perfectly fit any face
Quickly filter stock frame catalogue based on what could fit
Instantly generate lens measurements for precise dispensing
Order lenses from your own lab, or have us fulfill


Your customers will receive their orders without the worry of a poor fit. Grant them, and yourself, peace of mind.
Custom-tailored glasses designed to spec
Made-to-order in San Francisco
Any order shipped to you or your patient
Perfect fit out-of-the-box

Touchless optical platform

Way more than just the best Virtual Try-on in the world.

  • 3D scan-based fit recommendations to speed up office visits
  • Offer virtual appointments and dispense remotely
  • Increase multipairing and capture rates
  • Serve more patients, at a higher customer lifetime value

Increase capacity under social distancing

We’re now offering a fully remote optical experience.

the Benefits of bespoke

Using a 3D scan that takes over 20,000 points of measurement, we deliver a lightweight feel.
  • Eliminate pain points
  • Secure fit
  • No sliding down the nose
Better fit means better vision, even with the same prescription. Our scans improve vision with milimeter precise measurements.
  • Pupillary distance
  • Vertex distance
  • Tilt angle
Design each frame uniquely to the face and style preference of each patient.
  • 30 unique styles
  • 50 color options
  • Customizable dimensions

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